You have been to your hearing healthcare provider and determine that you are indeed a candidate for hearing aids. Your aids have been picked out, and now you are waiting for them to return. You can typically wait for 12-24 days for custom made aids and ear molds to return.

Once your aids are in, your provider will do a thorough check to make certain your hearing instruments are performing appropriately. Non-customized aids may be fit the same week as your evaluation.

Plan Ahead

Expect your fitting and orientation to last between 60-90 minutes.


Your provider will place your aids in your ear and check for a good fit. While the feeling may not be natural for you at first, there should not be any major discomfort or pain. If you note either of these symptoms, tell your hearing healthcare provider immediately.


Your aids will be connected by wires or wirelessly to a computer program. Your provider will typically pre-program basic settings prior to your coming in.

The sound may initially seem very new and very loud. If the sound is uncomfortable or distorted, tell your provider. Feedback from the patient is just as valuable as the computer programming used. Some adjustments may be made to get the best sound quality for you.

Wearing time

You may be asked to stick to a schedule to wear your hearing instruments. An adjustment period may be necessary for some (but not all) users to get used to this “new” sound. If you feel like deviating from the schedule, wear more – not less.

Orientation and Maintenance

Your hearing healthcare provider will guide you through understanding the components of your aid, insertion and removal, and care and maintenance. You should be given ample time to demonstrate these skills and ask questions as needed.


You should be provided with a supply of batteries to carry you through a 30-day trial period. Your provider should instruct you as to the number and color code of your batteries, how to use them, and replace them.


A follow-up appointment is typically scheduled in 7-14 days. If you are having issues or need help sooner, contact your provider immediately! Most will fit you in right away! Do not struggle with your hearing aids needlessly.