Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is headquartered in Lynge, Denmark, and was founded in 1956. This company has become one of the largest hearing care solution providers after merging with Sivantos Group, a leading hearing aid device manufacturer. At the same time, this brand is among the most prominent global businesses utilizing technological advancements.

Besides offering technologically advanced hearing aids, Widex offers industry-leading sound adjustment tools. These devices come with personalization features that give audiologists the necessary assistance to help a hearing aid user in person or remotely.

Compared to other brands, Widex is best for its artificial intelligence features. This brand comes with a couple of product lines that offer machine learning capabilities that most hearing aid manufacturers have yet to incorporate into their models.

The EVOKE line and MOMENT line of Widex hearing aids highlight the brand’s technological advancements in AI. The EVOKE line learns about its user’s preferred sound environments. This product line also comes in a wide range of styles and colors to match its user’s personality.

Meanwhile, the MOMENT line utilizes new technology that closely resembles natural-sounding hearing. Other models may take time processing natural sounds, creating echoes in the user’s device. MOMENT devices have faster processing times to navigate around this common issue with hearing aids.

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