What is normal hearing loss

How are you?  Truly, how are YOU? 

Just when you think it could not get any crazier in our world, it does. So much is going on; so much no longer feels normal. Will we ever return to a simpler, safer and more peaceful time? 

Resilient people make the best of crazy times. What I know about resilient people is that they know what they are committed to and what matters to them. This guides them every day. They get up each day to take care of these things. They also believe that they make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Years ago, a friend told me an extraordinary story about backpacking through the world. The year was 1983. He found himself on a remote island in Indonesia where a volcano erupted. Volcanic ash and hot, molten lava were everywhere. He literally had to flee for his life. Covered in ash, he ran into a small village, wide-eyed and in shock. The local people, isolated from the modern world, were already afraid of the angry mountain but when they saw this ‘crazy man’ in their village, they became terrified. They began stoning him, so he dropped his backpack and ran for his life, again. When he reached safety, he cried. He had lost most of his belongings, was almost killed by a volcano, and stoned. What was he going to do?

This is the extraordinary part of the story! 
This was his saving grace. He thought, “what would I normally do at this time of day?” It was late afternoon. Normally, he would find a place to camp for the night, build a fire, and make a cup of tea. Luckily, he still had a small bag with him that held a pot, a cup and some tea. He collected some wood to build a fire, only to find that he had no matches. So, he rubbed two sticks together for hours to start a campfire. Eventually, he was able to boil some water for tea, and settle in for the night. Wouldn’t you agree this story depicts a crazy time?

So why did I tell you this story?
To remind you (and me) that what we normally do is influenced by our values and what we believe. Even when we feel anxious and stressed, there is something bigger than ourselves that can pull us forward. What we are committed to in life helps us move on those days when it is hard to get out of bed. 

Finding Your Calm

So many of us are feeling discouraged and sad about the human race. Treating people with respect and kindness has been replaced by the noise of fear and chaos. That is when I get quiet, remember what I am committed to, and go back to what I would normally be doing.

Avalon Hearing Aid Centers is essential in normal and abnormal times.
Every day, I remind myself that I am committed to creating a world and a life where all people belong. And, you belong at Avalon. I thank God for Avalon, and for the honor to care for you and your precious sense of hearing. At Avalon, we help people stay connected. We do this by helping you hear the best you can for life… your life, now, and for years to come. 

Helen Keller once said that being able to see connects us to things, but hearing connects us with people. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc for people with hearing loss. Mask wearing, sheltering-in-place and Zoom calls, all these things we find ourselves doing, make life more stressful and disconnecting for people with hearing loss. At Avalon, we are committed to reducing some of this stress, and helping you connect in safe ways.

Livio 2400 Hearing Aids - Sacramento Hearing Aid Provider

Would you benefit from a hearing test AND have your hearing aids reprogrammed?
Lately, we have been retesting lots of our clients. Many of them have experienced a small change in hearing, and we are able to reprogram their current hearing aids to better match their hearing. Last week, one man came in with his wife, both feeling incredibly discouraged. He was only getting 56% of what was being said. After testing his hearing and reprogramming his hearing aids, I could improve his clarity to 80%. Then, I let him hear through the new Starkey Livio 2400 hearing devices. Immediately, he noticed the difference. His clarity went up to 92%! He told me to order him a new set of Livio’s because he wasn’t spending any money on a vacation this year. “Besides,” he said, “it would feel like a daily vacation if I could understand at 92% instead of 56%.” His wife chimed in and said it would be like a vacation for her, also, not having to repeat herself as often.

Take the Avalon Challenge, and focus on what would be normal for you.
If you are feeling disconnected, pick up the phone and call Avalon, (916) 235-9771 today. We would love to connect with you and make sure that you are hearing the best you can! Getting your hearing as close to normal as possible may just make life feel a little more normal

Yours for CONNECTED Hearing & Living,

Betty Vosters Kemp

P.S.  If you’re interested in hearing the difference for yourself, be sure to mention that you would like to test-drive the Livio during your appointment!