THIRTY years ago, we opened our doors to help people hear the best they can for life! Gas was $0.90 per gallon and the number one song was “Faith” by George Michael. In 1989, hearing aids were pure amplifiers, making everything louder but not necessarily clearer. If you were lucky, your hearing care provider would choose a good hearing aid manufacturer that did a decent job of building hearing aids. (There were about 20 manufacturers of hearing aids and some of them operated out of a garage.) All we could do was pull out a tiny screwdriver and make a very basic adjustment. If you didn’t like how things sounded, you were told that you would have to get used to it! Anyone with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss usually ended up putting their hearing aids in the drawer more than in their ears.

Fast forward to 2019

Today, there are over 600 different hearing aids in the marketplace and many of these hearing devices are miniature computers that can do 100‘s or even 1000‘s of calculations in a split second. You’ve heard of “smartphones”. Well, now, we have “Smart Hearing Aids”! That screwdriver has been replaced with computers, and some of them are built in the hearing aids, themselves! A competent and caring hearing care provider can make complex adjustments, fine-tuning your hearing instruments to match your unique hearing loss and personal lifestyle. That’s important because no two people or hearing losses are alike.

At Avalon, we do so much more than sell hearing aids

We help you hear the best you can…for life, now and for years to come. We are a heart-centered hearing care practice and are interested in you, as a whole person. We do this by educating you and we even do six extra tests that most providers don’t do. You might say that we adopt you and nurture long-term relationships. In fact, some of our 1989 adoptees are still alive and hearing the best they can with Avalon.

We are looking for 30 participants to help celebrate 30 years of hearing advancements

Be among the first to experience the new Starkey Livio or the groundbreaking Livio AI with Artificial Intelligence. In an independent study done by FORCE Technology in Denmark, the Starkey Livio AI was ranked best speech audibility in background noise, higher than the best technologies of the other five hearing aid manufacturers. This technology is creating a hearing revolution! Our clients who are wearing the Livio 2400 or Livio AI 2400 tell us that everything sounds more quiet and mellow BUT the words seem to pop out of that annoying background noise!

Are you ready to hear the best you can?

Call today to schedule your Free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Consultation during Avalon’s 30-Year Pearl Anniversary, Monday June 24th – Friday June 28th. During your visit, you’ll have a chance to TEST DRIVE the Livio and experience how it could improve your clarity and reduce your listening fatigue. This newest technology comes in the receiver-in-canal styles that people simply love and actually forget they’re wearing. Wouldn’t it be great to hear more clearly and not even realize that you’re wearing hearing aids?!? But if the Livio can’t improve your clarity significantly, we’ll tell you, straight. That’s why more and more people are turning to Avalon and trusting us for their hearing needs. Choosing the right Hearing Care Provider is the most important decision you’ll make about your hearing care because it will determine if you’ll be successful with hearing instruments.

Only 30 Anniversary Gift Certificates will be printed

If you’re one of the first 30 people to schedule an appointment during our 30-Year Anniversary Celebration, you’ll receive a $500 Gift Certificate towards Avalon’s normal retail price on a set of hearing instruments. But that’s not all. You’ll also receive the Avalon ALWAYSCare Program which guarantees your satisfaction and keeps you hearing the best you can for years to come. At Avalon Hearing, we adopt you and take care of you and your hearing needs for life.

Treat your hearing loss…it’s good for you, your health and your relationships

If you’ve been waiting for a significant advancement in hearing technology, your wait is over. Take that important step towards better hearing and easier living with Avalon. Unlike those big, hard-to-find, often sterile medical practices or those high-pressure retail stores, we specialize in helping people who want to hear better, hear the best they can…for life! Call the Avalon office nearest you NOW as this offer is truly limited to the first 30 people!