Starkey Wi Series™ hearing aids are designed to deliver two major benefits. Not only can you can use your advanced wireless Wi Series hearing aids as headphones and stream TV and music audio directly into your hearing instruments, but they will also help you hear better than ever before in difficult, noisy environments. Other Starkey-patented technology works to eliminate irritating buzzing and whistling while focusing on the sounds you want to hear and minimizing those you don’t.

Designed as an RIC style (receiver-in-the-canal), the Starkey Wi Series hearing device is a nearly invisible BTE that has its receiver outside of the hearinginstrument case. Instead, the receiver is placed at the end of a tube that is inserted into the wearer’s ear canal, providing a more comfortable fit and a more natural sound.

Suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss, the Starkey Wi Series hearing aid is available in a variety of colors. You can choose from colors like Champagne or Bronze to match your hair or skin tones or show off your Starkey Wi with a more brightly-colored selection like Red Hot or Pink Pixie.

In addition, a remote control is available with Starkey Wi Series hearing aids which can be used to adjust volume and activate iQ Boost to enable aggressivenoise reduction while optimizing noise reduction in noisy environments.