Starkey Hearing Aids Starkey carries and manufactures a single CIC unit. Like all CICs it fits Completely In the Canal, and becomes totally invisible to the naked eye of observers. The backmost part of the hearing aid which fits into the canal is clear plastic, while the front of the model, except for the retrieval component, is flesh toned in six different flesh colors to hide any nuance of the hearing aid from view.

The CIC by Starkey is offered in their three top technologies: Ignite, WiSeries, and Xseries. They are made for mild to moderately severe hearing loss, and because they fit entirely in the ear canal, they are custom made to fit you and you alone. If you prefer, Starkey can and does color the clear back portion of both your hearing aids such that one is blue and one is red so they are color coordinated for each ear. This makes putting them in a breeze because you aren’t confused about the placement.

When you make an appointment to have your hearing checked with the hearing instrument specialist, you can ask for more information about the Starkey CIC’s and whether or not they are right for you. Most people prefer them, but if you have severe to profound hearing loss or certain health conditions that prevent you from handling small hearing aids, CIC’s are not the best option for you. Your hearing instrument specialist can help you find hearing aids that help you hear better and are just as comfortable.