• When is the right time to invest in new hearing aids?
• What changes have been made in hearing technology?
• Is new technology really worth it, or is it a bunch of hype?

If you are currently a patient with Avalon, we hope you’ve been enjoying the benefits of better hearing with your current hearing aids. Due to recent breakthroughs in hearing aid technology, our Livio hearing aids can provide you with enhanced features and superior sound quality. Below, you’ll see how your hearing aids perform against our brand-new Starkey Livio product line.

You are invited to learn about LivioTM hearing aids and hear the difference for yourself.

  1. Free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test to determine how LivioTM would help you hear more clearly
  2. A Demonstration of the LivioTM… because hearing is believing
  3. Personal Consultation with Jeff Hawthorne, a highly informed representative of Starkey Technologies who will answer all your questions
  4. $500 Gift Certificate towards this new technology (February 7, 2019 only)

New Technology Features:

  • Invisible options – Discreet, yet powerful enough to handle many challenging environments. Wireless is available in all models, even the smallest styles.
  • Enjoy conversations and music – A hearing aid that can tell the difference between music and speech, and automatically change what it’s doing to let you hear and enjoy the music.
  • Personalized listening experience – We all have a unique perspective of sound. The ability to customize the relationship of soft sounds to loud sounds allows for a more comfortable listening experience.
  • Full, rich sound quality – Higher frequencies result in better sound quality for both speech and music.
  • Hear your phone calls – Imagine putting your phone to one ear and hearing the call in both ears. Improves your ability to hear, understand and connect with your world.

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