This weekend, I was at the grocery store. I had lined up to be with one of my favorite cashiers because I love our little conversations and connection. But through our masks, the plexiglass partition, and the background noise of the store, I had no idea what Ruth was saying to me. Immediately, I tensed up which only added to my inability to try and figure out what she was saying. I asked her to repeat, but still didn’t understand. I found myself trying to watch her face for visual cues, but that didn’t work. Her mask covered more than half of her face. So, I faked it, nodded, and smiled as big as I could under my mask. She told me that she could see I was smiling through my eyes. And, there it was, the thing I wanted most, connection!

It wasn’t the words or small chit-chat that I craved. It was that lovely, warm human connection that I yearned. Can you relate to this desire?

It’s the Moments in our Lives
When we think back to those times that we remember the most, the times that impacted us the most, moments come to mind, not words. (This concept was taken from one of my favorite daily readers, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo – July 8th)

Do you remember the day John Kennedy was shot?  I do. I still see my Mother with a paring knife in one hand, a potato in the other hand, standing in front of the television, sobbing.

I remember my Opa (Dutch for Grandpa) taking me into his strawberry field in Holland. He gifted me with the biggest strawberry I had ever seen! I swear that it was the size of an apple. In Dutch, he told this 14-year old girl that he had been saving this strawberry just for me. I savored that strawberry but to this day, I still savor that connection with my Opa.

And then, there was that moment when the labor nurse handed me my newborn son. I looked at him in absolute awe. His eyes were closed. Then, in slow motion, he opened one eye and then the other. It was as though we looked deeply into each other’s eyes and souls, and said, “Oh, there you are!”

Can you think of three people who taught you about love?
Take a few minutes and think about three people in your life who taught you about love. Recall a moment with each one of these people. What lesson did they teach you about love? Then, if you dare, share these stories and moments with a loved one. (this comes from Mark Nepo!)

Can’t understand the words?
So the next time you feel frustrated because the TV is too soft or too loud to your liking, stop and consider the moment. Are you sitting there with a loved one? If so, give thanks that you are not alone. You have your person, there, with you!

The next time you are on the phone and can’t quite understand what’s being said, consider the moment. You are connecting with another human being. Give thanks for that connection.

Now, more than ever, we need human connection
And remember, if you find yourself struggling more and more to understand, pick up the phone and make an appointment to get your hearing (or your hearing instruments) checked. Then, at your Avalon appointment, take in the moment with our staff of heart-centered human beings. We all need connection, now, more than ever.