Ten years ago, this month, we moved our practice from the Hurley Way side of the building to the Fulton Avenue side. Now, that was an interesting move…literally walking boxes and furniture around the building! Only the massive sound booths had to be professionally moved.

After 21 years at the Hurley location, we had outgrown the space, physically and energetically. Avalon (formerly Beltone) had started and remains a relationship-based hearing healthcare practice. But we had grown and were evolving into an EDUCATIONALLY based practice. I was doing seminars and classes in the community for service clubs, church groups, and educational institutions but we wanted to provide more, and ongoing information to our patients and prospective patients. For this, we needed more space.

One year prior to our move, my precious friend, Elizabeth, brought her grace and expertise to Avalon. She held some focus groups with our patients. What she uncovered was that people did not necessarily remember what brought them to Avalon but once they choose Avalon for their hearing care, they were surprised to experience all of the extra follow-up care. They had not expected this but were delighted to be cared for, and came to feel like they belonged here. They became part of the Avalon Family and even had an invested interest in Avalon’s success. WOW!

With this information from our patients, we knew it was time to expand. With a bigger vision and the loving support of you, our patients, we created the office at 1260 Fulton Avenue. At the grand opening, Elizabeth and her husband, Patrick (also my dear friend and business coach) presented us with a powerful and beautiful blessing, printed and framed, to share with everyone. Here it is:

A Blessing for the Avalon Community

May each patient who comes into this space of caring know they are loved, and may they be expanded in their hearts and in their lives, having a new experience of the world through their hearing.

May they be abundantly blessed…

May the staff know they are the heart of the Avalon Community and that they matter and make a profound difference in the lives of their patients and each other. Bless them with wisdom, knowledge, stamina, courage, and compassion.

May they be abundantly blessed…

May each vendor and consultant know they are part of a community of caring and that what they do and who they are is a contribution and is held in the arms of the Avalon Community.

May they be abundantly blessed…

May all the people who use the Community Room allow the love and caring to surround and infuse them so that they leave expanded and more clearly connected to themselves and their world.

May they be abundantly blessed…

May the owners, the holders of this community, be blessed with foresight, courage, fortitude, and grace to continue to grow the business and the community.

May they be abundantly blessed.

Elizabeth & Patrick Bell (September 2010

More Love And Less Fear
At the center of our office is the Avalon Community Room…my favorite room. For years, we have held classes and seminars for you, our patients, and prospective patients. Outside groups such as the Renaissance Society have also used the space. But sadly because of the pandemic, no classes have been held in 2020.

I have a question for you…
Would you be interested in bringing the Avalon Community Room to ZOOM?

I am literally blown away at how many of you are using ZOOM for church gatherings, meetings and even, get-togethers with family and friends. (ZOOM is a way for multiple people to be online, together. You get to see each other’s faces and often, there is a presenter or person who facilitates the ZOOM meeting.)

So here’s my thought.
I would like to start holding classes or gatherings on how to live happily ever after with hearing loss through ZOOM. This would be designed for you and your family members and friends so that we could educate everyone on hearing loss and how to communicate more effectively. Are you interested in something like this as a class or series of classes???

Would you please help me?
Would you email and let me know of any ideas you have on what we could discuss? Do you have some questions or challenges that you would like help with? Please let me know because I am getting excited about this idea! What do you think?

Thank you for being part of the Avalon Family, and may you be abundantly blessed!

P.S. Here are three wonderful quotes about blessings:
“What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” ~ Oscar Wilde
“When I started counting my blessings, my whole world turned around.” ~ Willie Nelson
“Don’t just count your blessings. Be the blessing other people count on.” ~ Anonymous