I am about to hold my first LIVE – IN PERSON class, offered exclusively to the members of our Avalon Family. I’m excited because we haven’t had a LIVE class in over three years.

I learned a long time ago that the most motivated client, fit with the best hearing technology by an extremely competent and caring hearing provider can still fail miserably with a hearing aid fitting IF the people in their life do not understand the complexity of their hearing loss.

In this class, we’ll focus on SUPPORTIVE FAMILY & FRIENDS because a hearing problem is a family problem. Will you please join me for…


‘Living Happily Ever After’ in spite of Hearing Loss: (The 5 secret ingredients for Hearing Happiness)

When: Friday, February 17th  @ 1:30 PM
Where: Avalon Hearing Office, 1260 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento CA
Who: You and your loved ones
Cost: This is a FREE seminar and a chance to meet our wonderful team

Refreshments and light snacks will be available.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn about the 5 secret ingredients required for you to be successful with a hearing aid fitting, but we’ll focus on your relationships and how best to support one another in your communication. Yes, you can live ‘happily ever after’ despite a hearing loss. And I’ll make it “as easy as pie” to do so! Here’s a sneak preview:

| Hearing Aid Center

Invite your family and friends to the Living Happily Ever After Master Class with you

Here’s what you and they will learn:

  • How to stop playing the BLAME GAME 
  • How to feel closer to your loved ones through mutual understanding and empathy
  • 7 simple techniques that make communication so much easier and juicier
  • How to add some FUN and spontaneity into your relationships

Please share your information to RSVP to the event