Do you want to hear and understand the best you can? Of course, you do! So does your family. But a lot of people who seek help for hearing loss are disappointed with the results of the hearing aids they buy. That’s why I want you to know that when you choose Avalon for your hearing care, we adopt you. We promise to get you hearing the best you can for life…your life, right now, and for years to come!

If you struggle with untreated (or undertreated) hearing loss, you may benefit from investing in the latest and smartest hearing technology – the Starkey Livio AI with Edge Mode™. Getting the best technology for your unique hearing loss and lifestyle are important – but WHO you choose to help you with this life-enhancing process may be the most important decision you make around your hearing care. Here’s what people have to say:

  • “Wow! Avalon’s EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test is the most thorough test I’ve ever had! I learned things about my one-of-a-kind hearing loss that no one ever explained to me.”
  • “The folks at Avalon Hearing actually care about me as a person!”
  • “It’s almost like I’m not even wearing hearing aids with the new Livio!”
  • “Everything sounds softer, more mellow but clearer even in background noise!” 
  • “I love how natural music sounds through these new hearing instruments.”
  • “I never thought I’d be so thrilled about being able to connect directly to my iPhone!”


If you’d like to have this experience, would you please join us for Avalon’s DEMO DAYS (October 20th through October 30th)? Schedule your free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test & Demonstration to hear the difference for yourself…because hearing is believing!

5 reasons why people are investing in hearing care, now

  1. With the wearing of masks in public, people like you, find it extra frustrating to hear what is being said. Outings like shopping and medical appointments have become stressful, yet, may be part of your social activities during this uncertain time of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Spending 24/7 with family is challenging. Add untreated (or undertreated) hearing loss and it creates unneeded tension. People want the best connection with their loved ones since they’re spending more sheltered time together.
  3. People living alone depend on phone calls, FaceTime and Zoom meetings as a way to connect. But they have to work hard to follow these conversations. It gets tiring. They want to relax and enjoy these conversations.
  4. Since few people are vacationing and travelling this year, many are choosing to use vacation money to improve their lives through home improvements AND better hearing. Hearing the best you can through the new Livio technology is like having a daily vacation for you and your loved ones!
  5. One client decided to look at improving the quality of her life as an investment. With the stock market all over the place, she decided to withdraw some money on a day when the market was high. Then, she invested in a walk-in tub and a set of new Livio hearing instruments! Isn’t this a creative and wise approach to investing?!!!

If you’re ready to struggle less and connect more, call Avalon today to schedule your free appointment for an EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test plus a Demonstration of this new technology. Don’t forget to bring a loved one to the appointment so we can educate them, because a hearing problem is a family problem! Isn’t it time you invested wisely in the quality of your life?