Dear Friend of Avalon,

Just when we think that things could not get crazier, they do. It feels that we are having a dark night of the soul, collectively. Sometimes I feel angry. Frequently, I feel afraid. Most of the time, I feel anxious and downright, weary. But what I desire is peace…world peace.

I learned a long time ago that when I want something, I need to start in my own backyard, so to speak. World peace needs to move to peace in America, peace in our community, peace in my home and family, and finally, peace in me. And, that’s an inside job!

The “Mama” in me wants to take every single person in the world, put them on my lap and rock them gently, reassuring them that they are safe and that we are going to be alright. But that’s part of the Superhero complex we have as humans at this time in history. We tend to think that someone else is going to fix things, something outside of us is going to make it better or someone else is responsible for making me happy.

How many times have I said to myself, “If only he would clean up after himself? If only she would do her work? If only I had more time? If only the economy would improve? If only I didn’t have to wear a mask? If only things would go back to normal? Then, I would be happy, and at peace.” (Do you find yourself saying similar things to yourself?!) IF ONLY!

What I know now is that it starts with my own thinking and attitude.
Whenever I need to take refuge and soothe myself, I first look to see what I am thinking in this present moment. I call this ‘chatter’ in my head, the Ladies in the Attic. If the Ladies in the Attic are being critical of me, judgmental of someone else, or overly opinionated, it’s time to STOP that chatter and replace it with another thought. I practice looking for the good in the situation. Disclosure time – I hate the saying, “It’s all good.” But I love the saying in the picture below:

Recruitment Definition

I can also shift my attitude by doing housework and cleaning, or by being in service. But most of all, I need to connect with another human being.

Just the other day, Phyllis who lives in Woodland, came in for her regular service appointment and some Avalon connection time! 🤗 As I was re-programming her hearing aids, she told me she had gone to Costco to get some film developed. (Phyllis had been taking refuge by cleaning and came across this old film.) The young woman that helped her had no idea what unprocessed film was. We laughed!


Testing Hearing Aids

Costco no longer provides this service. But do you remember the good-old days when we had cameras and film? It used to take more than a week to get your film developed and pictures printed. I confess; I do miss photographs.  Now, so many of us take a picture on our smartphone and carry the photos on our phones. That’s what we did to share these photos with you!

I had been in a crabby mood until I served Phyllis. Then, I went online and found out that CVS Pharmacy still provides these kinds of services. Phyllis was delighted to hear better after getting her hearing aids cleaned and re-programmed, receive her virtual hug at Avalon, and find a place to have her old film developed!


Starkey Livio AI

How do you take refuge?
During these challenging and interesting times, how do you find yourself taking refuge?  How do you calm your mind and soothe yourself? I would love to hear from you. Would you please email me your thoughts?

Your Avalon Family misses our hugs with you.
If only we could shake hands, experience each other’s warm smiles, and share hugs, again. IF ONLY! And, what’s good is that the entire staff at Avalon Hearing (Alan, Angel, Christopher, Emily, Michael, Stefanie, and Betty) are immensely grateful that we can serve you, help you hear better, AND keep you hearing the best you can…for life! Thank you for trusting us.

If you find yourself struggling with your hearing and understanding, please call us at (916) 235-9771 to make an appointment. We are here to help you make your life easier!

In the meantime, may Avalon be your refuge for better hearing and connection!

Yours for CONNECTED Hearing & Living,

P.S. We’ve been giving some of our clients a MASK program on their hearing instruments to help them hear a little more clearly when communicating with people wearing masks. If you are interested in how that might help you, please call us for an appointment.