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Hearing loss is on the rise in the United States, and not only in the older demographics. Hearing loss is the third-largest health issue facing America today. 37 million adults and at least a quarter-million children suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss can range from mild to profound, but at any place on that scale it can cause a feeling of isolation, depression, lack of understanding and lower productivity. When relationships are affected, the quality of life can decline.

Only 20 to 30 percent of those affected by hearing loss are currently taking advantage of the benefits hearing aids routinely provide. Those who are using hearing aids take an average of 7-10 years after being diagnosed. Because hearing loss comes about gradually, the struggle to hear may be rationalized and coped with until one’s associates, spouse, and friends mention it. Why do so many suffer hearing
loss when there is a solution in most cases?

Hearing Aid Challenges

Hearing aid technology has advanced enormously over the past 20 years. Today’s hearing aids can be dialed in to extremely fine tolerances and have an active dynamic response that can instantly adjust to the wearer’s changing environment. Why then aren’t more people taking advantage? Well, increasingly they are. The three main barriers consumers face are crumbling.

Free Hearing Test

Social stigma

It used to be that only old people wore hearing aids and those devices stuck out conspicuously from the ears. No one wants to seem older than they are. Similar feelings had developed around bifocals until progressive lenses came along. In the same way, today’s hearing aids are sleek and discreet and disappear completely in the ear or have a minimal profile behind the ear. The truth is, the benefit hearing aids can provide far outweigh any appearance. Most aids connect the wearer to the whole world of communication devices. Smartphones, computers, TV, and radio are all looped into the hearing aids’ sensitivity and empower the user to expand his or her engagement with their environment.

Type of hearing aid


Hearing aids are extremely sophisticated digital instruments that must be manufactured to very tight tolerances. As a result, they are a considerable investment and one that many people don’t want to incur casually. Health plans have created some confusion in the market as to what is covered and what isn’t. However, most major health plans now cover the majority of hearing aid costs and many more are coming on board to stay competitive. There is a secret to this: if you talk to hearing aid users, they will tell you that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Even so, you will likely have to pay a lot less than you expect.

Recommended treatment plan


Where do I go? Who tests my hearing? Where can I get the best service? What about all these models? Do I need customized devices? Does quality matter? Consumer confusion can cause them to back off from taking action. This is why Avalon Hearing Aid Center in Rancho Cordova, CA is so important. When you come in for a consultation, we will give you a high-level view of the process, the products, and your specific hearing needs. The understanding you gain from your visit will help you know what your best options are, and why.

Do I Need Hearing Aids?

Because hearing loss occurs over time, you might not be aware of the effort it takes for you to hear clearly. Often it is others who point it out. Some of the most common signs that you may need hearing aids are:


You find yourself asking people to repeat themselves often.


You set the TV volume to a level that is uncomfortable for others.


You tend to drift off or become inattentive when listening to a presentation, speech or lecture.


It takes more effort to hear on the phone.


You have difficulty keeping up with the pace of conversation when several people are involved.


People seem to be mumbling or speaking too softly.


You find yourself feeling isolated in a group or around the table at a restaurant or other louder environment.

We have found that our clients routinely experience a dramatic improvement in their quality of life and significantly improved relationships with friends and family.

Why You Should Schedule an Appointment with Avalon Hearing Aid Center in Rancho Cordova, CA

You know you have an issue with your hearing. You want answers. You want to know what you can do about it. What makes Avalon the go-to hearing aid center is our free, comprehensive hearing tests that cover both the perceptual and social aspects of your current hearing and the environments you live and work in. Our trained and experienced hearing healthcare providers will show you the test results and explain them in terms of your experiences and lifestyle.

Our free hearing tests are unique for three reasons:


They are comprehensive and include 6 extra tests most other hearing clinics don’t have. This additional information makes tailoring hearing aid programming and model more exact.


They are educational. We will take you through every aspect of your hearing loss and all the styles and models of hearing aids that can work for you. Hearing is a highly subjective perception and making the transition to hearing aids is faster and smoother when you know what to expect and how the mind, ear, and hearing aid work together.


We are your family. We are passionate about helping people achieve a better life through better hearing. We see the impact our services have on our clients’ lives. We’ve built our practice around helping our clients maintain the best hearing possible – for the rest of their lives.

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I truly love this place they treat you more than just a client but more likefamily right off the bat! Front desk lady is super nice and my audiologist is wonderful. They actually care about your needs rather than shove something you might not benefit from. They're very practical, professional and listen to all your concerns. I would highly recommend this place to anyone in need of a hearing aid.

Ashley D.

I instantly felt I was in good hands when I met Betty when I was in need of replacement hearing aids. And so I drove two hours to get to Avalon and didn't regret the extra effort for even a moment. I've had hearing loss for years and loved the hearing aids I got six years ago but it was time to replace them when my cat chewed one of them. And I'm so much happier with the new ones! The technology has vastly improved but also Betty's exam was so thorough. I learned things about my hearing I'd not known. And she was very thoughtful about which devices I should consider. Betty has a lovely, caring manner along with a high level of expertise. This is not a hard sell business but rather a satisfaction guaranteed process.

Cathryn C.

Been part of Avalon family for almost 2,years and have always loved their personal care and the receptionist are top notch to make sure the patients don't mishear appointments. If you ever get to attend a class it's completely worth it!

Ben D.