Take Heart

They say that if you want to sell something, put ‘sexiness’ into your advertising. I never thought I would see ‘sex’ come to hearing aids. Being in the hearing healthcare field for over 40 years (I started when I was 12 years old! 😉), I’ve noticed a trend.  Manufacturers of hearing aids are shifting their advertising to younger, baby boomers. Did you know that one in six boomers has a hearing loss and would benefit from hearing instruments?

Most hearing aid manufacturers are European, and in Europe, sexiness sells
I have to chuckle. As hearing technology continues to evolve, hearing aids are getting smarter, smaller, sleeker, and lighter. But sexy? I don’t think so!  Some manufacturers are giving their new inventions names such as Evoke, More, Paradise, and Beyond. Truthfully, I just roll my eyes when I hear these names. Sorry, manufacturers, I mean no disrespect. Or maybe, I’m envious that they get to name hearing aids and I don’t? 🤣

A hearing aid by any other name is still a hearing aid 
Do they really think this is going to entice more people to get hearing aids? If you want to talk about sex and hearing aids, let me give you some valuable information that could make a difference to you and your partner. (I apologize to all the single ladies and gentlemen, but you may want to continue reading because it gets pretty interesting.)

The best aphrodisiac in the world is good communication
At least, that’s what therapists who work with couples and sexologists tell us. Intimacy often depends upon the right atmosphere, the proper build-up to get you and your partner in the mood. If one of you has an untreated (or undertreated) hearing loss, those subtle, loving cues may be missed. Sweet nothings whispered in someone’s ear may not be fully heard. Imagine, tenderly telling your partner that you love him, only to have him reply, “Huh…what did you say?”  Now, that’s a mood killer.

Or you’re sharing a special dinner for two. Maybe, you’ve even lit some candles!  You’re both feeling a bit amorous. You lower your voice because that’s what people do when they are talking lovingly. Then, you find yourself having to repeat what you said, louder. Now, you are almost shouting across the table. That’s not exactly setting the mood for connection and intimacy.

The impact of even a mild hearing loss takes its toll on relationships
One person in the relationship develops a gradual hearing loss but may be reluctant to acknowledge or deal with the problem. Simple conversations about nothing important, that actually connect us to one another, start to diminish, because it gets tiring to repeat yourself. When you are asked to repeat, you may respond by saying, “Never mind, it wasn’t important.” That makes the hard-of-hearing person feel left out. Simple but important, human connection is lost.

Hearing loss can be an unwelcome guest in the middle of your relationship 
Spontaneity goes away. It can make your partner seem aloof and unresponsive. In all likeliness, he may not hear certain key speech sounds or miss the subtle nuances of conversations.  She, in turn, may feel rejected when he actually wants to be close to her. Furthermore, it’s hard to feel attracted to someone who rarely seems to listen. But that’s how someone with untreated hearing loss often comes across. These barriers to good communication, created by hearing loss, are not conducive to intimacy.

I regularly work with unhappy and frustrated couples who come in together (that’s a good sign) because a hearing problem is a relationship problem. When the person with hearing loss gets hearing aids, it can bring back connection and spontaneity. It often rekindles the spark in their relationship, both in and out of bed. You might say that hearing aids are like Viagra for the ears!

Many people think hearing aids will make them look older and less attractive
People have outdated views on what hearing aids look like and how they work. These new “sexy” hearing aids are not your father’s hearing aids. Don’t let outdated stigma stop you or a loved one from seeking help for a hearing problem. You’ll be much sexier if you do something about it!

If you’re not hearing and understanding as well as you would like, ask your partner for a date! Then, make a reservation at Avalon Hearing for an EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Consultation. Your partner will be delighted that you made the first move!