Keeping your hearing aids working to specification requires regular maintenance and care. This is done with hearing aid accessories available at your provider’s office. These accessories help you prolong the life of your hearing aids. Each tool in a hearing aid cleaning kit will help you keep your aids clean and ready for use at any time.

A cleaning kit is one accessory you should get. It will allow you to remove wax, oil and dried skin from your aids. This will keep the sound following freely into your ear. A drying kit, though not a necessity, is always handy to have. This device removes moisture from sweat, humidity, water from bathing, swimming, or getting caught in a downpour. Because moisture effects electronics and battery function, keeping hearing aids dry is especially important.

Routine home-maintenance for your hearing devices greatly reduces the expenses involved for the lab repair of your aids. Time spent with your hearing healthcare provider is also reduced. Ask your hearing provider what accessories they suggest for the care of your aids. And, be sure to keep the maintenance appointments they set up for you!