Invest In Your Hearing Education

The people who attend these seminars are so well informed about their hearing that they make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.

At Avalon Hearing, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of people lead fuller, richer and more connected lives despite a hearing loss. And we’ve discovered the one thing that helps people more than anything else: Getting Informed!

Avalon Hearing Seminars

About your presenter… 

In 1989, Betty started educating people in our community about the most misunderstood disability in America…hearing loss. Colleges, service clubs, seniors’ groups, church groups, government agencies, businesses and medical practices have enjoyed educator, author and hearing aid expert, Betty Vosters-Kemp’s presentations for years. She is committed to taking the stigma out of hearing loss and replacing it with understanding and compassion. That’s why she continues to conduct seminars and classes, large and small as a community service. It’s one way that Avalon gives back to our community.

At Avalon, we believe that a hearing problem is a family problem. That’s why we’ve designed a series of seminars and classes that teach everyone how to live with hearing loss – effectively and successfully. These classes and seminars are valued at $45 per person but we offer them at no charge to you.


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Hearing aids are wonderful devices that help us hear better but they do not automatically give us good listening skills. That’s because we hear with our ears but we listen with our brain. Effective listening involves complex, cognitive processing of the brain. As we age, the ability to follow conversations can be compromised by hearing loss and the natural aging process. But no two brains are alike. Everyone processes speech in their own unique way. Learn how you can train yourself to better use these processing abilities, while bringing more joy, ease and connection into your life!


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Betty’s Breakfast Seminar

Most people don’t know who to trust with their hearing needs. With over 500 different kinds of hearing aids on the market today, it’s confusing to know which hearing aid brand and model is best for you. Betty takes the confusion out of hearing aids and educates you on how to approach your hearing care, successfully.…

NEW TECHNOLOGY – Is it Really Worth It?

When and why should you upgrade your current hearing aid fitting? What changes have been made in hearing technology in the last year? And most important of all, is new technology really worth it, or is it just a bunch of advertising hype? These are important questions anyone with hearing aids should ask. The answers are…

I truly love this place they treat you more than just a client but more likefamily right off the bat! Front desk lady is super nice and my audiologist is wonderful. They actually care about your needs rather than shove something you might not benefit from. They're very practical, professional and listen to all your concerns. I would highly recommend this place to anyone in need of a hearing aid.

Ashley D.

I instantly felt I was in good hands when I met Betty when I was in need of replacement hearing aids. And so I drove two hours to get to Avalon and didn't regret the extra effort for even a moment. I've had hearing loss for years and loved the hearing aids I got six years ago but it was time to replace them when my cat chewed one of them. And I'm so much happier with the new ones! The technology has vastly improved but also Betty's exam was so thorough. I learned things about my hearing I'd not known. And she was very thoughtful about which devices I should consider. Betty has a lovely, caring manner along with a high level of expertise. This is not a hard sell business but rather a satisfaction guaranteed process.

Cathryn C.

Been part of Avalon family for almost 2,years and have always loved their personal care and the receptionist are top notch to make sure the patients don't mishear appointments. If you ever get to attend a class it's completely worth it!

Ben D.