New Year's Resolutions for Hearing Loss


WOW…What an intense, scary, and crazy week of events. Many of us watched as a group of people literally broke down the doors of the U.S. Capitol and desecrated the sacredness of our government. These and other violent acts have become part of America. Some people might argue that they have always been part of this ‘experiment in democracy’ known as the United States of America.

My heart aches whenever I see or hear anything about the extreme left or the extreme right. I see people focusing on how different they are, how oppressed, or how superior they are. Maybe I’m naïve, but I believe that we have a lot more in common with one another than how we differ.  This made me think of some of those similarities.

We all experience:

  • the human need to belong
  • the human need to have meaning in our lives
  • the human need to feel like we matter

When we don’t experience belonging, meaning, or that we matter, we sometimes latch on to beliefs and causes, so we can feel like we belong. We may end up having conversations that separate us from others, but at least we feel like we belong to a small group of people.

I have strong feelings about belonging
So strong, are those feelings, that we built a hearing healthcare practice around that need of belonging and connecting. It runs through everything we do at Avalon Hearing. I’d like to share our WHY, our VISION, and our MISSION with you.


  • We all need to connect and belong. 


  • We put HEART into hearing care.
  • We reconnect people to what matters most in their lives. 


  • We change the way people think and feel about hearing loss and hearing care.
  • We help you hear the best you can for life, thereby enriching your lives and our own. 
  • Hearing with our hearts, heals.
  • True healing happens through deep listening, authentic connection, and education. 

If you are a member of our Avalon family… 
Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for choosing Avalon and knowing that you belong here! We love helping you stay connected to life. It is an honor and joy to serve you!

If you have only been to Avalon, a couple of times…
If my message of belonging resonates with you, would you please come back and allow us to care for you and your hearing? Your hearing matters. You matter. And who you choose to help you with your hearing, matters.

If you have never been to Avalon…
This is a good time to check us out. Get educated and treat yourself to Avalon’s EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Consultation. We offer this care as a free community service. You won’t regret the time you spend at Avalon Hearing.

Do you belong at Avalon?  
Untreated hearing loss or undertreated hearing loss (where your hearing aids no longer match your current hearing loss) can make you feel disconnected from people and life. Please allow us to help you reconnect to what matters most in your life. Find out for yourself if you belong at Avalon!

Yours for CONNECTED Hearing & Living,

Betty's Signature

P.S. I’m curious!  Where do you feel like you belong, especially during these unprecedented times of sheltering? In your family? In a special relationship? In your community? Which community? Church? Service groups? Clubs? Social groups?

Would you please email and tell me where you feel you belong? I would love to hear from you!