Dear Avalon family,

I wish that you could have been part of the 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission. But we did not have room for 1900 people to join us yesterday morning! 😉

Would you be willing to open this video and watch me welcoming everyone.  And most importantly, THANKING YOU for choosing Avalon! Without you, our client, none of this would be possible.

Good happened at Avalon

Twelve people’s lives were altered yesterday. Here are a few of those people.

“Good things rarely happen to me.”

One of the recipients of our Christmas Mission was quoted saying this, six weeks ago. He was struggling with life and was feeling frustrated and even, hopeless. We have all been there at one time or another. And then, something good happened to him, and for him. He was chosen to receive the gift of hope and hearing from Avalon Hearing!

Health and financial concerns are made more challenging when you have a hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss makes it hard to connect to people, and as human beings, we all have a deep need and desire to belong, to be connected. Being fitted with the right hearing aids and getting the ongoing care to keep you hearing the best you can are critical in reconnecting people to what matters most in life.

Let me introduce you to a remarkable man who was living with 85% hearing loss – Robert

That means he heard NOTHING when someone talks. At the age of 51, he was reconnected to people and life through hearing technology. And Avalon’s ALWAYSCare Program.  But what he also acknowledged was that Avalon restored his hope. This Christmas gift is going to be a life-changer for Bob and his family.

Photos from the event!


During this Holiday Season, may you open yourself up to all of the good!

If you are up to watching one more, short video, Good Day Sacramento, Channel 31, covered our Christmas Hearing Mission. At the end of the clip, I ask Stacie, to go out into the world and do good!

Let’s all go out and bring more GOOD into the world!

Thank you for being in our lives and allowing us to do good by you!!!