Three Strikes – He May Be Out

Three Strikes – He May Be Out

Dear Avalon family, I apologize.  The purpose of my weekly Take Heart is to connect with YOU, offer some sound advice (pun intended) and hopefully, uplift you in some way. But the last four Take Hearts all addressed some of the challenges and frustrations people...
Ignore Her

Ignore Her

Dear Avalon family, I can’t believe I said these words to a client, “Ignore her.” His eyes nearly popped out of his head. So did hers! Here’s the context of the conversation Clients, George and Eileen, both have borderline hearing loss but neither one of them would...

How To Nominate A Loved One Guide

Get The Best For Your Loved Ones The first step toward improving your hearing is to READ OUR GUIDE. The next step would be to consult with a hearing professional who can evaluate your loved one’s hearing loss. Let Avalon Hearing’s Care Coordinators explain...

What You Do Matters

Dear Avalon family, The appointment notes read that Henry’s daughter had made the appointment for her father, that he had six-year-old hearing aids but couldn’t hear, and that he was stubborn. He didn’t really want to come to Avalon. You see, Henry originally had come...
Not Living Happily Ever After?

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