I learn so much from you. 

What seems like a standard check-up for you and your hearing instruments so often becomes a wonderful connection between two human beings. That connection may be between 

You and me,
You and Emily,
You and Alan.
Or those connections on the phone with Angel, Stefanie and Christopher!

As we clean and service your hearing aids, we love the stories you share.
Sometimes, it’s a silly joke. Sometimes, it’s an update on your family, the arrival of a new grandchild or great-grandchild! Occasionally, some of you share about your great, great-grandchild which means there are five generations alive in your family. Amazing! 

Other times, it is heartbreaking news that your son and his son aren’t speaking because they disagree on politics, or that one of your kids is working through cancer treatments. We especially love hearing the stories of your life, how life has impacted you, and more importantly, how your beliefs and values have shaped your life.

A typical clean and service appointment at Avalon Hearing Aid Centers
Last week, as the firmware was updating on Carl’s Bluetooth compatible hearing instruments, we had ten minutes to chat and catch up with one another. Carl informed me that he looks forward to my weekly Take 2 on Tuesdays emails. He reads them all (Thank you, Carl!) but was touched by last week’s message from a “Wise, Old Woman” on breathing, slowly and deeply. He said that it was a good reminder for him to notice his breathing. Then, he generously shared more information on the power of breathing. I listened intently because Carl taught a Relaxation Class for 25 years. Here’s what Carl shared.

Do you have trouble falling asleep?
When we go to bed, we assume the position we typically sleep in. For me, that would be on my right side. But Carl said that our bodies may still be tense from the day, and our minds may still be racing. He recommends that when you go to bed, lay on your back for the first five minutes. Simply notice your breath, breathing in and out through your nose. Slow down the pace of your breathing. Feel the air coming into your nose. It feels like you are bathing your brain with a gentle, calming energy. That’s an important piece. Continue breathing. It slows down your entire nervous system. After five minutes, rollover to your normal sleeping position. 

In the 25 years that Carl taught Relaxation classes, 90% of the people reported that this helped them fall asleep. A variation of this practice is to place one hand over your heart and your other hand on your belly as you breathe. That also helps to soothe your body and mind. 

I asked Carl if I could share his words of wisdom
To which he replied an emphatical, “Yes!”  He also gave me permission to use his real name. And then, we got playful with one another. I asked Carl, “Do you want me to call you a “Wise Man or a Wise Old Man?” At 96 years of living, Carl’s response was brilliant. “You can call me an “Overly Mature Man”!

The next time you come into Avalon Hearing for an appointment, let’s be sure to connect! 

And please remember, you belong at Avalon!