Rate Your Hearing Aids

Take 2-3 minutes and answer these common frustrations with hearing aids. If you are answering yes to any of the below items, Avalon Hearing may be able to improve your situation with a free consultation.

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Do your hearing aids feel uncomfortable or hurt your ears?*
Do your hearing aids whistle, causing embarrassing squealing?*
Do your hearing aids seem overwhelmingly loud and bother you?*
Do your hearing aids make everything louder but not clearer?*
Do you have trouble adjusting your hearing aids?*
Do you have trouble hearing people with soft voices?*
Do you have difficulty with telephone conversations?*
Do you have trouble understanding the speaker at a meeting or the minister at church?*
Do you have trouble hearing and understanding the TV?*
Do you have trouble understanding conversation in a car?*
Do you have difficulty following conversation in background noise?*
Do you have trouble understanding voices in a group of people?*
Do members of your family get frustrated with your hearing?*
Do your hearing aids spend more time in a box than in your ears?*
Has it been over two years since your last hearing test?*
Has it been more than 6 months since your hearing aids were cleaned & serviced?*

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