Avalon Hearing Speaker Program

Community Outreach Program

Be Inspired By One of Sacramento’s Most Dynamic Presenters

In 1989, Betty started educating people in our community about the most misunderstood disability in America…hearing loss. Colleges, service clubs, seniors’ groups, church groups, government agencies, businesses and medical practices have enjoyed educator, author and hearing aid expert, Betty Vosters-Kemp’s presentations for years. She is committed to taking the stigma out of hearing loss and replacing it with understanding and compassion. That’s why she continues to conduct seminars and classes, large and small as a community service. It’s one way that Avalon gives back to our community.

About Avalon’s Community Outreach…

“As the parish nurse of my church, I wanted to learn as much as possible about hearing loss because it affects so many people in our church. Avalon’s Living with Hearing Loss class was packed full of important information that helped me personally get more out of my hearing aids. I was so impressed that I asked Betty to come and teach this class to our senior’s group. I can’t thank Avalon enough for the generous service they provide to our community!”

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Standard Hearing Tests | Hearing Aid Center

Engaging & Thoughtful

We will discuss the warning signs of hearing loss, what type of recent advances in hearing aid technology you should know about, the 5 ingredients to successfully living with hearing loss, tips on how to deal with your environment and loved ones. We strive to give your members the tools they need to make good decisions about their hearing.

Help Your Hearing Aids | Hearing Aid Center

Informative & Educational

Our goal is to help your members understand the ins and outs of hearing loss. We will help break down what is occurring right now, what you can expect going forward and how you can live well with this hearing loss. Your members will be provided a series of available solutions and resources during the discussion.

Best Solution to Hearing Loss | Hearing Aid Center

Personalized & Approachable

Finding the best solution to hearing loss is an incredibly personal journey. Our presentation is personalized to the audience and encourages lots of audience involvement. Get to know our team and see just what it means to be part of the Avalon family.

What People Are Saying About Avalon Hearing

Avalon stays with you throughout the hearing aid process. The Avalon team works to make sure you have the best hearing possible. Their patience and kindness combined with their knowledge and technical skills make for an incredible experience. I recommend Avalon highly and without any reservation.

Eugene King

We feel very lucky to have found this place, Avalon Hearing. First was the hearing test. Second, Betty explained to us, in a way we could understand, how hearing, and hearing loss, works. Jean was fitted with a hearing aid, it helped her much more then the one she had. We come in for regular scheduled tune ups, as technology improves, we stay updated to keep Jeans hearing as good as possible. Over time we have become family

Joe Cabral

The ONLY place to go for hearing aids! My goodness; the overwhelming care, kindness, thoroughness, explaining of the process can’t be over stated. Once one becomes a client, one is adopted by this staff! Hearing aids are checked and cleaned regularly at no more charge. Hearing is tested, ears checked and any issues are resolved. They KNOW each and every client as a family member!

Pamela Peacock

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What To Expect

Betty is happy to do community sponsored presentations at no charge to communities that are interested in hearing healthcare and have questions about hearing loss and hearing aids.

The presentation is about 60-90 minutes long and contains a video presentation, hands-on demonstrations and lots of audience engagement. Attendees will receive informational packets, some resources for more questions, an invitation to take a comprehensive educational hearing test and gift certificates towards the purchase of any hearing solutions.