1. Reluctance to get help

Most people are reluctant to get help for their hearing. When they finally do, they allow themselves to become victims in the process because they didn’t even want hearing aids. First-time buyers fall prey to being treated like a number in an impersonal, busy medical system or worse, get seduced by high-pressure sales.

2. People buy based on a quick 15-20 minute hearing test.

It is extremely important your hearing healthcare provider get a complete medical history and performs a full lifestyle assessment. A thorough hearing test and consultation should take closer to an hour. Anything less and you are not getting the care you need and deserve.

3. Make buying decisions only based on price

People buy strictly on the basis of price and may even fall for high-pressure sales tactics – “This week only!” is a typical headline you may see. You should not feel pressured when investing in your hearing healthcare. Work with someone who honors that you are unique and have to go through the process of coming to terms with hearing loss in your own time and own way. Everyone is different.

4. They don’t get a second opinion.

People often feel trapped or obligated to go through their HMO or insurance. 90% of the time, people do not have any hearing aid benefits and will have to purchase them out of their own pocket. So choose where you want to go rather than blindly go through your medical system.

5. Not trusting their intuition

People simply don’t trust their gut feelings about the office and the provider. Always trust your gut feelings. Don’t buy from anyone if you are uncomfortable about how you are being treated.

By getting informed you can avoid these mistakes. And don’t forget that waiting for years to treat a hearing loss in order to avoid making a mistake, is ironically, also, a costly mistake.

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