Dear Avalon family,

Do you ever wonder if you make a difference? Whether your contributions – big or small, really matter? Do you ever question if your life choices impact someone else…maybe, someone you don’t even know?

Well, they do!

Will you please help us help 12 people in our community?
Every time you choose Avalon Hearing Aid Centers for your hearing care, and every time you trade-in or donate your old hearing aids when you upgrade to newer and better hearing technology, you are making a difference for yourself, for your loved ones and for people experiencing financial hardship at this point in their lives. Here’s how!

14 years ago, we created ‘The 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission’
Every year, on the Monday before Christmas we give twelve people the GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION. These people are fitted with hearing aids, and then receive all the follow-up care needed to keep them hearing the best they can for life from Avalon.

In the past, some of the recipients have included a 33-year old man who was the father of two small children. His 8-year old hearing aids were beyond repair so he could NOT hear his children. He and his wife were struggling because he couldn’t participate fully in the children’s care. Receiving the GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION, allowed this father to connect with his young children in a way that he never had.

One 76-year old woman was nominated for The 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission by her granddaughter. Her granddaughter wrote us a detailed letter about how her grandmother was no longer participating in family gatherings because she could not follow the conversations. Her grandmother had so much to contribute to the family, and how sad that was for everyone in the family, including her two small great granddaughters. When this woman received her GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION, all four generations were present for the emotional delivery!

A middle-aged man had lost his job and was struggling terribly at interviews because of his moderate-to-severe hearing loss. He kept asking people to repeat what they said during the interviews. He said that he felt stupid. He could not afford hearing aids until he started working again but he couldn’t get a job because of his untreated hearing loss. One of the local Lions Clubs nominate him for The 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission. Shortly after receiving the GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION, he landed a job that he loved!

Local Lions Clubs partner with Avalon to bring hope and hearing to people in need
Earlier this year, the Lions Clubs donated hundreds of hearing aids from their past Ear of the Lion program to Avalon. Together we created the Hope and Hearing Program because when people are down and out, AND struggling with hearing loss, life gets hard. One person taking an interest in them, caring enough to guide them in seeking hearing help, can restore their sense of hope in the world. Not only do we partner in the 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission but we also help one person every month from our community.

Here’s what past Lions Club governor, Erv Gon has to say:

Thank you for your assistance in helping others to hear to their fullest potentials by scheduling our six nominees to possibly participate in the “12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission”!   There were many other applicants who applied that we deemed did not meet the criteria for referrals. 

On behalf of Lions Club International which just happens to be the largest non-profit, non-secular & non-religious service organization in the world — or specifically our local Lion members SERVING throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan Area wherever there’s a need, all of us praise and are in awe for Avalon Hearing Aid Centers offering this opportunity. 

Do you know someone who needs GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION?
You may know someone who is struggling with their hearing but for reasons of financial hardship are unable to invest in their hearing care at this time in their life.  Would you please contact Angel Jackson and talk with her about this person?  Maybe, just maybe, we could give them the GIFT OF BETTER HEARING AND CONNECTION this year for Christmas.

In the meantime, will you make sure that you are hearing the best you can for this upcoming Holiday Season? Call Avalon at (916) 235-9771 if you are struggling with your own hearing in any way.   Hopefully, this year you’ll be sharing the season of thanks and giving with loved ones!

If you would like to nominate someone, please share your details and their information in the form below.