11th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission 

11th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Hearing Mission

This holiday season is different. We have to do what we can to stay healthy, for our family and our community’s sake.  We were not able to have our normal, big-party Hearing Mission.  We toned it down and socially distanced appointments throughout the day. Twelve people still were able to receive the gift of better hearing and hope in 2020.

Even Santa chose not to show up for the Mission because he is sheltering-in-place and praying for snow. He does intend to hit the skies on Christmas Eve, wearing a mask and distancing.  However, our very own “Angel” showed up and brought some playful energy to our day of giving!

2020 Christmas Mission Stories

30 years ago, Steve was only 24 years old and he chose Avalon for his hearing care

Little did Steve know that when we told him that we wanted to help him hear the best he can…for life, we really meant it. Over the last several years, Steve has had some serious health challenges with cancer, but he is currently in remission! His hearing aids were 12 years old and falling apart. We invited Steve to receive the Gift of Better Hearing and asked him to bring some family support. Four members of his family showed up as he learned to hear and use his new hearing devices that hook up to his cell phone!  It takes a village to help someone with hearing loss, and Steve brought his village with him! 

Jill lost her job due to the COVID pandemic

Not only did Jill lose her job, but she was losing hope about getting help for her hearing loss. She has needed hearing aids for a few years now. She and her husband were getting more and more upset with one another over her hearing. He would raise his voice to be heard, which made Jill think that he was angry at her. Even Jill’s grandson would tell her that he didn’t know why he even talks to her sometimes, because she won’t hear him. That hurt. 

We fitted Jill with small, discreet hearing instruments and took her from 76% to 100% clarity. Jill said, “I feel like this is the first day of my new life! It’s going to reduce the conflict at home.” 

Jill can’t wait to be with her big, extended family once Covid-19 calms down, be part of all the conversations, AND feel like she belongs, thanks to her new lease of life and hearing.

2020 Christmas Mission Stories
2020 Christmas Mission Stories

Jack truly knows the secret about giving

When I first started helping Jack with his hearing, I was blown away at how much he gives of himself to people in our community. Not only does he work at a local food bank, but he and his wife, Teri, mentor teens in need through an organization called Kuinonia – Homes for Teens. Jack gives so much of himself. It was time for him to receive!

Jack humbly accepted the Gift of Better Hearing today.  Then, Jack (Papa J) and Teri (Mama T) told the story of foster teens volunteering at a toy drive this past weekend. These young people helped hundreds of parents select over 900 gifts for their children at this toy drive. The act of helping these parents opened the hearts of everyone.  These teens face incredible hardship themselves but were elated to help others. They learned the secret of giving…when you truly give, you also receive! Thank you, Jack, for allowing Avalon to give to you! In doing so, we received so much from you!

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