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Living with a hearing loss, even a mild one, can be like going through life with a wall between you and your loved ones. Untreated hearing loss can be difficult for you and everyone around you. But getting the help you need doesn’t have to be difficult. At Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, we make it as easy and as comfortable as possible for you.

You see, we’re not in the business of just selling hearing aids. We are in the business of helping you hear the best you can, now, and for years to come!  We believe that your hearing care involves so much more than just buying hearing aids. Coming to terms with a gradual hearing loss takes time. So we take the time you deserve to educate you about your unique hearing loss. Then, we take even more time to learn all we can about you, your lifestyle and your special hearing requirements.

In this fast-paced world, where everyone is so busy, where everything is so technical and computer-driven, people often forget about the human touch.

From your very first visit to Avalon, you’ll experience this warm, more personal approach.

The Avalon Difference… you can take it personally

For over 27 years, Avalon Hearing Aid Centers have been helping people who want to hear better reconnect to life, for life! Quality hearing care is about reconnecting you to what matters most in your life. At Avalon, we call this the richness of life.

Of course, we’ve got all the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology. You should expect that from any hearing care provider you’d consider. But at Avalon, it’s not just the equipment and technology that makes the difference.

Too many hearing care providers only focus on your ears and getting you into hearing aids. They forget to slow down and consider what it means to have a hearing loss from your perspective. After all, you are more than a pair of ears. You are an individual who interacts with people and life in your own unique way. Losing connection because of a hearing loss, even a mild loss, takes the richness out of life. That invisible-but-real-wall of hearing loss disconnects you from life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Avalon, we get to know you as a whole person, not just as a pair of ears. Then, together, we determine the right hearing solution for you, your loss and your lifestyle. And you can take that personally…because at Avalon, we do.

Not all Hearing Healthcare Providers are created equal…

…and not all hearing aids are the same. That’s why, at Avalon, we spend an unheard-of 90 minutes together for your initial Educational Hearing Test and Consultation. Our 10-step hearing test determines if you need hearing instruments and if you do, just how much better they can help you hear and understand.

We offer Free Hearing Evaluations as a community service – at no cost or obligation to you! We also offer FREE SECOND OPINIONS, no matter what insurance you have. And we even work with most insurance companies.

But before you decide to get hearing aids, we want to educate you and your loved ones on your hearing loss. The people who take advantage of our free Hearing Classes and Seminars end up making the best decisions for themselves and their families. Now you can learn everything you need to get started, without spending a dime!

This is all part of what we mean when we say, “The Avalon Difference – you can take it personally”. At Avalon, we take a warm, more personal approach to your hearing care. That’s what makes people so pleased when they invest in their hearing healthcare through Avalon.

We look forward to meeting you…in person!

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